Friday, January 21, 2011

Cooking Eggs / Natural No-Cook Apricot Preserves

Cooking Eggs ~ A trick that I learned from my grandmother to cook the eggs on top without having to flip them over is to put a lid on the pan while they are cooking.  The steam will cook the whites over the yokes and, of course, the longer you leave the egg in the pan the more the yoke will cook so you can have them as “runny” (my brother and I used to call them “dippy eggs.” We liked to dip our toast in the yokes) or as cooked as you like.  My grandmother always cooked our eggs like that for us.  If someone prefers the crispiness of fried eggs then they can cook them as follows:   Grandma Weber’s DIPPY EGGS”  (for those who like to dip their toast).  Heat some butter in skillet. When hot crack eggs into pan and turn heat to medium and put on tight fitting lid. Let cook very briefly (takes only moments really) until the whites around the eggs are starting to get done. Pour in just a few dribbles of cold water and pop the lid back on. Cook until the whites are formed (cooked) over the top of the yoke.  I like this method because I don’t have to flip the eggs and risk breaking the yokes or over cooking the yokes.  My grandmother would also put dippy eggs between pancakes and serve the stack with syrup over top.  My grandfather especially liked them with buckwheat pancakes.  ~ From Tracy Voorhis in Michigan 

Natural No-Cook Apricot Preserves ~ After finding 1 pound containers of dried apricots on sale for $1.99, I bought several, and covered one pound with distilled water in a bowl.  After about 24 hours, some puffed up to a completely round shape.  They are delicious that way.  You can also make natural apricot preserves by blending all of the fruit and some of the liquid in a blender.  If added sweetener is desired, add Stevia, honey or Agave nectar, made from cactus plants in Mexico (all found at health food stores).  Store in the refrigerator.  Delicious! ~ Lois