Friday, January 21, 2011

Avocados: Tips, Salad and a Tree

(2006) Avocados are in season now, and contain good fat that our bodies need.  They are creamy and delicious!  But how in the world do you eat them?  Rachael Walton gave great instructions!  Leave the skin on and slice around the avocado, lengthwise.  Pull two halves apart.  To remove the seed, hold the fruit securely in a towel and carefully whack the large seed with a butcher knife.  I found that a good paring knife will also work, while the avocado half is resting on a cutting board.  Twist the knife to remove the seed.  Push down to remove the seed from the knife.  Slice the fruit in the shell, horizontally and vertically.  Invert the shell and most of the cubes of fruit will come out.  Use a spoon for what remains.  It is best to cut an avocado right before eating to prevent browning.  However, if you dice it into a dish ahead of time for lunch, adding the seed to the fruit will slow down the browning process.  Fruit that is browned a bit is fine to eat though.  You can also eat it right from the shell with a spoon!
A delicious and healthy lunch can be made with just three ingredients:
An avocado, a tomato and an olive oil dressing (or an Italian dressing)!

This is an old favorite from

After using an avocado, save the pit for a future plant.
Using 3 - 4 toothpicks, stick them in the avocado pit.
Place in a jar or glass of water, so only the bottom of the point is in the water.
It may take a while for the roots to appear.
Once there are a fair amount of roots, plant in a pot and place in good bright light.