Friday, January 7, 2011

Bubble Art / Window Paint

Bubble Art

This is a great project for the kids. Remember to cover your table with newspaper! (Note from Lois: If your young child uses the straw, be sure he/she knows how to blow out rather than suck in!)

2 tablespoons tempera paint 1 tablespoon clear dishwashing liquid 1 cup water aluminum pie plate or deep dishes plastic straws white paper Mix the tempera paint, water and dishwashing liquid well. Pour mixture into pie plate or deep dish. Stick one end of the straw into the paint and blow until you have big bubbles. Carefully remove the straw and gently lay a sheet of white paper onto the bubbles. The bubbles will pop and make neat designs. Lift the paper and let it dry. Did your bubble make a design you can recognize? Does it look like a dog or fish? Outline the designs and add details (like eyes or noses) with markers or crayons. Hang for everyone to admire!

Window Paint

Ever wonder how stores and supermarkets get those neat paintings on their windows? It's really very easy and a great project for kids. Let them paint the kitchen window or design their own masterpiece for their bedrooms. It's safe, fun and washes off with a dry or damp paper towel. Have fun!

1/2 tablespoon powdered tempera paint
1 tablespoon clear dishwashing liquid
muffin tin lined with tin foil
masking tape
old newspapers

Mix the powdered tempera and dishwashing liquid until creamy. Mix different colors and put into each cup of the lined muffin tin. This keeps colors separate and easy to use. Line windowsills and floors with newspaper and secure with masking tape. This will keep the mess off the floor. Let the kids paint the inside of the window with whatever they wish. Some ideas are below:

Summer flowers
Stained glass
Cartoons with captions
A story, told pane by pane
Handprints (perfect for wee ones)

While in college our dorm rooms had large windows with no dividers - great for painting! One year my roommate and I painted two girls, looking similar to ourselves, kneeling beside the baby Jesus in the manger, with the scripture verse, "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!" If you want to include any writing, remember that you need to paint a mirror image, so it can be read from the outside. We simply used acrylic paints, and it all washed off easily after Christmas break.