Friday, January 21, 2011

All Natural Skyrocket Pops

12 (8 oz.) plastic cups (or popsicle molds)
12 craft sticks (They look like popsicle sticks)

Blue Layer:
        1-2 cups fresh blueberries (or 4 cups blueberries if plentiful and no juice)
        100% grape juice - enough for both juice and blueberries to total 4 cups

White Layer:
        2 cups plain yogurt, sweetened with honey (or Stevia, found in health food stores)

Red Layer:
        4 cups strawberries sweetened with honey

        Mix grape juice and blueberries in blender. Pour into plastic cups, filling them 1/3 full. Place into the freezer.  As they start to freeze, insert a craft stick in the center of each cup and freeze until solid.
        Mix the yogurt and honey.  Place a layer on top of the frozen blue layer. Freeze one hour.
        For the red layer, mix the strawberry mixture and honey.  Add a red layer to each cup and freeze until frozen.
        When ready to eat, run the outer side of the cups under cold water to release them.