Friday, May 31, 2013

Honey Mustard Chicken

Original recipe by Lois Breneman

My husband loves honey mustard salad dressing, so I thought I'd try making chicken with a honey-mustard flavor, and we really liked it.  Although no amounts are given, you can easily make this recipe.

coconut oil
chicken breasts, organic (cut into strips)
coconut flour (or other flour)
garlic, minced
ginger paste*
ground mustard, organic
honey, raw
peppers (red, yellow and/or green), optional

*Make your own ginger paste by blending peeled, chopped ginger root in the blender with olive oil.  Thin with a little water if necessary.  Refrigerate some and freeze the rest in ice cubes for future use.  This adds delicious flavor and healthy eating to your food.

Coat organic chicken with flour and brown in coconut oil with minced garlic, ginger paste, salt and pepper.  Mix mustard with honey and add to browned chicken to make a tasty sauce.

For a little color, add red, yellow and/or green slices of pepper during the last few minutes of cooking.