Saturday, May 16, 2015

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Recipe by Lois Breneman
Only 4 or 5 ingredients

Yields 3 servings of light, fluffy and creamy deliciousness!
Suitable for breakfast, dessert or a snack!

Put all these ingredients into a Nutra Bullet or blender (milk first and blend until mixed thoroughly):



1 1/2 cups SO Delicious coconut milk
2 avocados (minus the peel and seed)
2 heaping Tbsp. Healthworks Organic Cacao Powder
Stevia to taste
5 drops wild orange doTERRA essential oil, optional

This can be made just before serving or put in a serving dish or individual dishes, and refrigerated.  When ready to serve, top with a strawberry, slivers of almonds, or toasted unsweetened coconut, and enjoy!